Calecim Professional adds fourth product to its portfolio

10 Apr 2019

Singapore-based biotech company CellResearch Corporation, the owners of cord-lining stem cell-based cosmeceutical Calecim Professional, has added a fourth product to its portfolio, the Recovery Night Complex.

The new product is a through-the-night gel application that the company explains is rich in stem cell proteins (50%), as well as other cooling, calming and hydrating factors including aloe vera, niacinamide and lipopeptide, calmosensine. According to the company, it provides a cool, breathable gel barrier on sensitised skin, imparting immediate comfort with numbing peptides, while keeping skin moist and protected.

The Recovery Night Complex provides instant relief for skin in distress and is designed to be applied after the Professional Serum, on its own on the evening of a treatment and is to be worn throughout the night and washed off the next morning.  


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