Cambridge Stratum Synergy launches

16 Feb 2018

A new skin management system has been introduced by aesthetic equipment provider Cambridge Stratum Limited.

The Cambridge Stratum Synergy incorporates four different technologies: Hydro-facial treatment, Bohr Effect Oxygenation, Bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) and ultrasound meizotherapy.

The Hydro-facial consists of a deep wet vacuum skin cleansing, exfoliation and hydration/protection treatment, while the Bohr Effect Oxygenation aims to generate a surge of CO2 bubbles on the skin’s surface. According to the company, this can penetrate the skin and lower the pH of the surface tissue, causing the capillaries to release more oxygen into the tissue, to improve circulation. Gels are then applied to help tighten, moisturise and produce a more even tone and generally revive tired skin, the company claims.  

The Bi-polar RF is delivered through a four-pole treatment head and aims to tighten the skin, and the ultrasound meizotherapy uses a combination of ultrasound and a needleless syringe to deliver needleless mesotherapy.  

John Culbert, CEO of Cambridge Stratum said, “I am delighted to introduce the Cambridge Stratum Synergy to the UK market. It is a multifunction skin maintenance system that combines four key treatments in a single compact unit that saves space. This system is excellent for maintaining skin in optimum condition, whatever the skin type.” 


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