Cambridge Stratum launches Spectra 1550

16 Aug 2018

Aesthetic equipment provider Cambridge Stratum has introduced a new 1550 nm laser for skin resurfacing and scar revision.

The Spectra 1550 non-sequential scanning enables micro-treatment zones to be placed closer together with less bulk heating than earlier versions of fractional lasers, the company claims. 

Cambridge Stratum states that this reduces the number of passes in a treatment, as well as the number of treatments needed to achieve a specified result. It also gives the user the ability to treat a large surface area in a single scan of 2cm x 2cm. 

There are four pre-set scan shape types: circle, triangle, square and hexagon. These can all be controlled independently to produce a vast range of treatment combinations, without affecting the array pitch spacing, according to the company. 

John Culbert, CEO of Cambridge Stratum, said, “The Spectra 1550 is our latest product, and one that we are very excited about. It has the ability to resurface and rejuvenate the skin with fewer treatments, at a greater delivery of energy, with less discomfort.”


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