Cambridge Stratum releases Spectra Vein

21 Nov 2018

Aesthetic equipment provider Cambridge Stratum has launched a new laser that aims to treat vascular lesions, thread veins, spider veins and rosacea.

The Spectra Vein is a 980 nm diode laser, which, the company claims, has a 30w output, adjustable pulse widths from 5-400ms, plus continues wave mode, and a repetition rate of up to 50Hz.

John Culbert, CEO of Cambridge Stratum, said, “The Spectra Vein is the second machine in our Spectra range of compact, high performance, affordable machines that both outperform existing platform machines and provide additional flexibility. The use of solid state technology also provides a step improvement in reliability. For example, the 980nm laser in the Spectra Vein laser has a life expectancy of 300,000 hours and the machine comes with our market leading three-year warranty.”


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