Circadia Skincare releases products in the UK

05 Sep 2017

US clinical skincare line Circadia by Dr Pugliese has been introduced to the UK.

The range aims to defend the skin from environmental factors during the day and stimulate repair mechanisms at night to prevent premature ageing and skin damage.

According to the company, Circadia rhythms control over bodily functions such as the sleep-wake cycle, hormone release and body temperature.

The range includes different cleansers, serums, creams and SPF to suit different patient needs and contains ingredients such as botanicals, vitamins, stem cells and peptides including green tea, lilac stem cell extract and vitamins A, B, C and E.

Circadia has also designed a 22,000 microfibre thread weave Moisturising Pillowcase to assist in controlling sleep lines. According to Circadia, it helps prevents sleep lines, reduce moisture loss and increase collagen stimulation in sleep and can also be used for post-op care and sensitive skin types.

Circadia Skincare is available in the UK exclusively through Unique Skin.


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