Clinogen CEO discusses wound care with Jeremy Hunt

09 Jul 2018

Dr Sujata Jolly, the medical director and CEO of aesthetic supplier Clinogen, met with the chairman of parliamentary office of science and technology Adam Afriyie and Jeremy Hunt, who as of July 9 was the UK's health secretary, to discuss a new technique for wound healing.

Dr Jolly explained how she believed that Clinogen’s line of wound repair products, Youki, could help to offer complete healing rather than wound management.

Speaking about both Hunt and Afriyie’s response, she said, “Mr Hunt and Mr Afriyie were very receptive to this new technology, especially if it meant that the NHS could save money as well as reduce the carbon foot print. My confidence was further boosted as Adam agreed to keep in touch and offer any guidance I needed to take my wound healing technology further.” 


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