Consentz launches new medical practice software

19 Sep 2017

Medical practice software developer Consentz has released an upgraded version of its practice management software.

The company hopes the new upgrade will improve efficiency, profitability and the patient experience of medical clinics and hospitals.

Founded by aesthetic practitioner Dr Natalie Blakely and CEO Michael Geary, Consentz 2.0 is designed to further help practitioners manage all aspects of the practice from patient access and consultations to billing and stock reporting.

Dr Blakely said, “The practitioner-patient relationship is at the heart of all good medicine and also at the heart of Consentz. What Consentz 2.0 does is extraordinary. We have developed many new features, including pre-populated notes, patient education media, highlighting of consent forms, 'ghosting' tools for photographs and a patient app. Consentz is safe, simple and built to help clinics succeed.


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