CRYO-S 2.0 launches in the UK

10 May 2018

UK distributor Cryosculpture Ltd has introduced the cryolipolysis device CRYO-S 2.0 to the UK market.

The CRYO-S 2.0 aims to eradicate stubborn fat without the use of cups or suction. According to Cryosculpture Ltd, it uses controlled thermic shock, where the area is warmed before being cooled to temperatures as low as -8°C.

The device was initially launched in France in 2013 following two years of research.

Lionel Lachko, director of Cryosculpture Ltd, said, “It is possible to complete a cryolipolysis session in just 28 minutes, with significantly faster and more effective results than with any other technology. A research and development quantitative test shows that 38% of fat cells are eliminated from the treatment area in just four 28 minute sessions.”

The company states the device can be utilised for decreasing body cellulite as well as facial rejuvenation as the cold temperature speeds up biochemical reactions, aiming to enhance nutrient and oxygen supply to the tissue and improve collagen production.   


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