Cynosure release statistics of men’s perceptions on body contouring

11 Apr 2018

A study held by body contouring specialists at Cynosure revealed that 63.2% of men were dissatisfied with their body.

The survey asked 1000 males in the UK, “Would you consider a body contouring treatment to make problem areas less flabby?”. It was revealed that just 13.2% would be keen to try body contouring, being most popular within those aged between 35-54.

Fiona Comport, marketing communications manager at Cynosure says, “Despite the fact that male grooming is no longer a taboo area and men don’t think twice about popping into a beauty salon for brow shaping, spray tans and facials, many men still perceive body contouring as being predominantly female territory."

The survey also stated that 15% of men admitted that they didn’t know what body contouring is and 6% of would go ahead with a procedure but wouldn’t want to tell anyone, this answer was most popular within the 45-54 age group. 

The second most popular answer showed that men would rather make problem areas more defined through diet and exercise. Overall the study showed that 36.8% men admitted to being happy with their bodies, leaving 63.2% feeling dissatisfied with the way they look. 


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