DEKA launches new body shaping device

11 Jul 2018

Italian laser manufacturer DEKA has launched a new device called the ONDA, which is designed to treat fat adiposities, cellulite, skin laxity and is suitable for any skin type.

The device includes a handpiece delivery system that controls the microwave emission to the subdermal layers. This is done using a patented technology, known as Coolwaves, which the company states are ‘special microwaves that target fat cells to reduce localised deposits’.

Dr Paolo Bonan, dermatologist and European Society for Lasers and Energy-Based Devices key education officer, said, “DEKA’s unceasing search for new sources and applications has led to the invention of a completely non-invasive system, which specifically destroys the lipocyte membrane, just as the laser did.” He continued, “This technology makes it possible to treat cellulite even in the most advanced stages and skin laxity.”


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