Derma-Seal launches

23 Apr 2018

A group led by consultant plastic and aesthetic surgeon Mr Dalvi Humzah have developed a new aftercare spray that aims to reduce the number of post-treatment infections.

Created in conjunction with Hadrian Garner, Alan Hillier and Toby Topcott, Derma-Seal is a disinfectant product that applies an impervious barrier over a puncture wound that has been created by a needle or cannula.

According to Mr Humzah, the idea came about when he noticed the number of patients who were at risk of post-treatment infection due to makeup application and touching after treatment, despite practitioners advising against it.

Mr Humzah stated, “Any injectable aesthetic treatment that penetrates the skin and causes a hole has the potential to result in complications such as infection. Even if we do apply a disinfectant before and after, I’ve realised that many patients are not listening to their practitioners’ advice not to apply makeup post treatment, which may increase their chance of infection.”

He added, “Derma-Seal has become an integral part of my post-treatment programme. It protects the injection points by creating an impervious barrier to seal the hole in the skin. It’s water resistant and lasts for around 12 hours and aims to stops bacteria from entering from makeup application, unintentional touching, contact with hair and environmental contamination. I have been using it on my own patients over the last few months and it’s had a really good response as patients can now wear all kinds of makeup after their aesthetic treatments.”

Although Derma-Seal is itself a disinfectant, it can be used in conjunction with other disinfectants and applied as a last step in a patient’s injectable treatment.

Mr Humzah explained he is in the process of a long-term study to showcase its efficacy for preventing infection, but said this is soon to come.

A soft launch of Derma-Seal will be taking place in London at the Aesthetics Conference and Exhibition (ACE) 2018 on April 27-28. For more information about Derma-Seal, visit Dalvi Humzah Aesthetic Training at stand 49. To register free for ACE, visit


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