DNA skin testing kit launches

24 Jun 2022

DNA testing company Team Gene Skin has launched a new personalised skincare treatment test.

According to the company, the test is for professional use only and the results enable professionals to design a bespoke skin health programme utilising the treatment menu and products available at their premises. The test is suitable for patients 18 years or older and reports genetic information shown to influence skin health. The test has been chosen to scientifically research genes that code for collagen production, as well as

the individual’s ability to utilise vitamins and minerals. The test is a single swab, brushed inside the cheek for 30 seconds on each side and takes place in the clinic, adds Team Gene Skin.

The results are split into three categories: strength to build collagen synthesis support through treatments and collagen products; nourish for vitamin and mineral support such as vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc through serums and facials and the third category is combined in which patients need support through treatments and products, explains the company.

The results take four weeks to arrive through a detailed report to the clinic. The clinic can then contact the patient to book in a consultation, explain the results and create a bespoke treatment plan.

Karen Harrison, founder of Team Gene Skin, commented, “The Team Gene Skin test includes the genes that code for these vital nutrients, helping the professional to target these nutrients in their treatments and to recommend an at-home skin health regime from the clinic’s retail products.”


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