Dr Foued Hamza pioneers new breast surgery technique

10 Jun 2016

A Harley Street cosmetic surgeon has created a new breast surgery technique that aims to reduce the size and shape of breasts whilst leaving minimal scarring and creating a short recuperation period.

The technique, short scar large breast reduction, is performed with a vertical rather than anchor scar and offers a ‘virtually imperceptible, less invasive solution’ according to Dr Foued Hamza to women suffering from moderate to severe breast ptosis and pain caused by the strain of the weight of the chest.

The procedure is an upgraded version of Dr Hamza’s short scar breast reduction, commonly performed on women who only require a small size alteration. Depending on the suitability of the patient, this invasive operation can also be performed in cases of breast asymmetry.

The short scar large breast procedure is claimed to be less invasive by Dr Hamza when compared with traditional breast reduction operations for larger breasts. The patient will not need to stay in hospital overnight but can return to their standard daily activities within five days, depending on the complexity of the operation.

Dr Hamza said, “Breasts that were once firm, often begin to sag and drop at different stages in a woman’s life due to genetics, the ageing process, pregnancy and breastfeeding, weight gain or loss, or hormonal fluctuations. In addition to loss of confidence about their appearance, ladies have also come to my practice to complain about the pain and discomfort caused by this extra weight.”

He continued, “Overall, this technique includes less downtime, reduced risks of infection and bleeding, and a minimum recovery process than the usual breast reduction operation. I always maintain a close individual relationship with each of my patients to offer them bespoke, direct and honest advice, without judgment, while listening to their issues and desires to understand fully and take into consideration their requirements before carrying out any procedures.”


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