Dr Maryam Zamani chosen as BioActiveAesthetics new KOL

15 Dec 2017

Aesthetic distributor BioActiveAesthetics has named oculoplastic surgeon and aesthetic practitioner Dr Maryam Zamani as its new key opinion leader for the SkinPen Precision device by Bellus Medical.

he SkinPen Precision is a CE registered mechanical medical device microneedling device, which is designed and engineered by US manufacturer Bellus Medical.

Dr Zamani has worked with many microneedling pens over the past years and is particularly interested in the SkinPen Precision design because, according to the company, it addresses the cross-contamination issues that the FDA raised with all microneedling pens in the USA in 2015.

Bellus Medical recently changed the way the cartridge attaches to the pen, which now has ‘ingress protection’ providing risk free procedures including PRP, the company claims.

As part of her role, Dr Zamani will be helping to raise awareness of the prevention of cross-contamination with mechanical needling devices to patients and practitioners within the aesthetics specialty. 

"I'm very proud and honoured to have Dr Maryam Zamani as our brand ambassador, said Kathy Taylor-Brewin, MD of BioActiveAesthetics, said, "Dr Zamani has many years experience working with various microneedling devices, and was very impressed with the precisions design to completely prevent cross contamination using ‘new patented disposable pen’Pechnology. Dr Zamani was impressed that Skinpen Precision is the only CE registered Class 1 medical device in the UK and that FDA approval for Bellus Medical's design is imminent, which will make Skinpen Precision the first mechanical pen to achieve this illusive accreditation. Dr Zamani fully supports the quality assurance that the Skinpen Precision device brings to the market."


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