Dr Victor Sagoo launches first ExSys 308 EPL Excimer Pulsed Light for vitiligo treatment in UK

20 Oct 2016

Aesthetic practitioner, Dr Victor Sagoo has introduced the ExSys 308 Excimer Lamp to his West Midlands clinic to treat patients suffering from a number of skin conditions including vitiligo.

The device is a 308 nm Excimer Pulsed Light (EPL) system that aims to allow practitioners to use high doses of UVB light necessary for fast, effective treatments, while minimising the risk of exposure to healthy skin. 

As well as vitiligo, the device can also treat psoriasis, alopecia areata, resistant dermatitis, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions.

According to Dr Sagoo, he is the first in the UK to offer this treatment to patients. He said, “Through my training in Germany I was very impressed by the results of the high power Excimer lamp with minimal downtime and side effects and how much of an improvement in the qualities of life this device was achieving over a course of treatments. The Excimer device is very well established in Europe and the Middle East where vitiligo is very common — I am very excited about the ExSys 308 Excimer device and can see it becoming an integral part of my medical cosmetic practice.”


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