Eden Aesthetics launches new injectable device

28 Jul 2017

Aesthetic distributor and training provider Eden Aesthetics has launched a new multi-use device for injectables aimed at delivering accurate doses of product. 

The Vital Injector2 aims to assist in the delivery of stabilised hyaluronic acid filler, to restore hydro-balance in the skin and improve skin elasticity and tone to create a revitalised look. 

The device has the capacity to load interchangeable 1cc-5cc syringes and according to the company, has a unique mechanism which allows the product to deliver low to high viscous formulations in small dosages. 

It is designed to be used to deliver a variety of liquids with different viscosity for treatments including platelet rich plasma (PRP) phosphatidylcholine therapy and mesotherapy.

Eden Aesthetics are hosting an open event on August 8 at their London clinic where delegates can test the device themselves.  


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