Elénzia launches new Endor Technologies body cream

24 Feb 2020

Skincare distributor Elénzia has released the new Endor Technologies Firming and Body Shaping Cream.

Elénzia explains that the cream aims to promote the development of muscle and lower the expression of the genes involved in the accumulation of fat, smooth and firm the skin, and have a moisturisation effect.

The Firming and Body Shaping Cream combines Endor Technology’s nano gold technology, which, according to the company, combines gold particles and hyaluronic acid to improve the firmness of the dermal tissue. It also includes an ingredient called biotechnological active, which is found in a specific sea sponge in the Oceans of Bermuda. This, the company explains, is a low molecular weight active ingredient that mimics the effect of endurance exercise training to improve body tone.

The company states that it the cream can be used as a stand-alone treatment to reduce the size and improve the tone of the arms, thighs and abdomen, as well as an aftercare product to improve the effects of fat reducing and body contouring treatments.

For best results, the company states that patients should apply the cream twice a day and combine with resistance-based physical exercise. 


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