elénzia launches new skincare range

03 May 2018

The skincare company has launched a new antiageing skincare range, Endor Technologies.

The range, consists of six products once of which, the Celltense, must only be used in clinic in conjunction with radiofrequency body tightening treatments. 

The remaining five products are designed to be used at home for both the body and the face and claim to create firmer, smoother skin by improving the intrinsic structure and health of the skin.

Each product includes a new ingredient, the CD44 Enhancer. elénzia has said that this is made up of tiny fragments of hyaluronic acid with particles of gold that are small enough to enter the dermis and activate multiple CD44 cell receptors, stimulating the natural production of HA, collagen and elastin.

Elizabeth Cartlidge, brand and marketing manager at elénzia said, “We are incredibly excited that the elénzia journey is beginning with our partnership with Endor Technologies, introducing a new, revolutionary way to reduce signs of facial aging and cellulite with the innovative ingredient – the CD44 Enhancer.”


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