Flourish Cosmetic Software launches

13 Oct 2016

A new clinic software system that aims to assist cosmetic and aesthetic practitioners in managing their clinic data has launched.

Flourish is a cosmetic software system that was formed in collaboration with aesthetic clinicians in the UK and Australia and software developers, in order to build a secure platform that can be accessed in any location.

According to the company, the software has a focus on improving client and practitioner experience by helping the practitioner focus their time on their clients rather than on paperwork.

The software allows patients to fill in their medical history details securely prior to their consultation, which can then be accessed by clinic reception staff and practitioners. Flourish also aims to help with consent and record keeping and can store before and after images as well as a patient’s treatment history.

Flourish had a soft launch in 2013 with only a limited number of clients to test the software’s security and functionality and has now been officially released.

Co-founder of Flourish, Dr Michael Aicken, said he thought of the idea to create the clinic software when he and his wife were starting to expand and open a new clinic, “We realised we couldn’t cope with the workload alone and began considering hiring another person to help with admin. Then we thought, what if we automated part of the booking process? A few months later and without any further staff, we were accepting double the number of bookings with half the workload.”


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