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13 Sep 2011

We find out how the Venus Freeze painlessly achieves significant rejuvenation and body shaping results.

Venus FreeThe global body shaping and rejuvenation market is huge so it is no surprise that new devices designed to meet the demand for these indications are constantly emerging on to the market. One such devise, which is taking the aesthetics industry around the world by storm, and has recently been introduced to the UK market by Ellipse, is the Venus Freeze from Venus Concept.  

This novel all-in-one aesthetic device can effectively accomplish circumference reduction, cellulite improvement, skin tightening and anti-agieng without causing any pain to the patient. Distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide, the Venus Freeze is FDA approved for the treatment of facial wrinkles and rhytides, as well as Health Canada approved for skin tightening and temporary cellulite reduction.
Powered by innovative (MP)2 technology (multi-polar radiofrequency and magnetic pulses), Venus Freeze takes aesthetic treatments to a new level by creating a unique synergy between a matrix of bi-polar radiofrequency (RF) and magnetic pulses (PMF), which results in proliferation of fibroblasts, neocollagenesis and neo-vascularity in the targeted areas.
The Venus Freeze system consists of two applicators - OctiPolar with 8 (MP)2 synthesizers for large treatment areas (abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks) and DiamondPolar with four (MP)2 synthesizers for smaller treatment areas (face, neck and arms). Each synthesizer simultaneously emits both RF and Pulsed Magnetic Fields. The energy rotates between any two synthesizers in an organized matrix that homogeneously raises the temperature over the entire treatment area and creates highly efficient woven dense energy matrix that penetrates deep into different skin layers for maximum efficacy.

The Role of Pulsed Magnetic Fields in (MP)²
The Pulsed Magnetic Fields (PMF) is an important and successful modality, approved by FDA, to treat a wide range of clinical disorders. Pulsed Magnetic Field is induced by short pulses of electrical current through coils in the applicators. The magnetic field penetrates into the skin and results in Foucult (Eddy) electrical currents around the cell membranes of the treated tissues. Foucult currents change the electrical potential of charged receptors on the bi-lipid cell membrane layer of dermal cells, that results in the stimulation of molecular and cellular activities and reactions. Magnetic Fields have been shown to increase fibroblast-derived-collagen production through a non-thermal mechanism of membrane stimulation and the stimulation of fibroblast mediated angiogenesis and hence facilitate and enhance wound healing in tissues.
The Pulsed Magnetic Field affects several biological processes in the skin. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, triggers the proliferation of fibroblasts and promotes angiogenesis. It was demonstrated that exposure of fibroblasts to low frequency Pulsed Magnetic Field (1.3 mT, 60 Hz) significantly increases production of collagen. In addition, Pulsed Magnetic Field triggers the release of FGF-2 by endothelial cells. FGF-2 in turn, stimulates the proliferation of fibroblasts and the formation of new small blood vessels in the dermis (angiogenesis).

The Role of Radio-Frequency Matrix in (MP)²
The RF bipolar matrix supplies high-frequency alternating electrical currents that penetrate into the skin and generate heat. The RF current is produced between any two electrodes in the array, and allows for a fast and uniform elevation of temperature in the treatment area, without any associated discomfort caused by RF focal ‘hot spots’.

The heat generated in the tissue by the RF Matrix directly affects fibroblasts, extra cellular matrix (ECM) and fat cells. The generated heat triggers the natural wound healing process of the skin, a process that results in synthesis of new collagen and elastic fibers. In addition, the heat causes contraction of collagen fibers and lipolysis.
The synergy between Pulsed Magnetic Field and RF significantly increases collagen and elastic fiber production in the dermis, via two separate mechanisms. Through angiogenesis, (MP)2 improves the dermal blood circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and thus enhances the function of skin cells. In addition, the induced lipolysis reduces the size of fat cells. These biological effects result in improved tone, texture and appearance of the skin, and a defined body contour. Venus Freeze software is also programmed with preset protocols and treatment times, allowing trained staff to safely perform treatments, saving much valuable time for physicians. A typical protocol would be once weekly or bi-weekly for a total of six treatment sessions. After the series, maintenance treatments are recommended at least quarterly.


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