Galderma Announces Intent to Acquire Q-Med

20 Nov 2001

Two of the industry’s leading companies could become one if a multi-million dollar bid by Galderma to acquire Q-Med goes ahead. In a joint venture between L’Oreal and Nestle. Galderma, the makers of Azzalure®, launched a reported $970 million bid for the Swedish manufacturer of Restylane® at the end of 2010. 

The acquisition would create for the first time a company with a portfolio strong enough to rival the makers of Botox® and Juvederm®, Allergan. A spokesman for Galderma said, “This transaction would bring two strong companies together who each are leaders in their respective fields and share a common commitment to science, clinically-demonstrated product excellence and medical education. As such, the combined company would be uniquely able to fulfil Galderma’s near-term and long-term strategic needs.

“Q-Med’s portfolio is complementary to our current and future corrective and aesthetic dermatology product offering. Q-Med’s Restylane® product range is recognised around the world as the ‘gold standard’ and provides Galderma with a quantum leap in the aesthetics market. In addition, we remain committed to the launch of our Emervel dermal filler, an innovative product with demonstrated clinical benefits. Together, these two products will enable Galderma to have a portfolio of dermal filler products tailored to the different needs of the market. Q-Med´s Macrolane product has tremendous potential in many aesthetic and medical applications around the world. Combining Q-Med’s products with Azzalure®, Tri-Luma, Emervel and Pliaglis will improve our ability to serve patients’ needs better.
“Each year Galderma invests approximately 20% of revenues to discover and develop new drugs and access innovative technologies. Q-Med’s research and development organisation has led the world with the creation of their NASHA™ technology. Combining Q-Med’s engineering and chemistry expertise with Galderma’s insights into the biology of the skin has the potential to develop breakthrough products that further extend patient benefits and meet doctor’s needs.
“By partnering with dermatologists and dermatological institutions throughout the world we look forward to realising our ambition to be recognised as the most competent and successful innovation-based company focused exclusively on meeting the needs of dermatology patients and physicians.”


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