Galderma safeguards Restylane originality

01 Feb 2018

International pharmaceutical company Galderma has launched a new hologram on all packaging across the entire Restylane portfolio of Non-Animal Stabilised HA (NASHA) and Optimal Balance Technology (OBT) products, as well as the Skinboosters range to provide practitioners with further assurance that the products are original.

The original hologram sticker will now be placed on all boxes, which also feature the Restylane brand’s slightly shining packaging and glossy lacquered 'R' embossed logo and shiny silver stripes. It is hoped these efforts will work to safeguard the originality of all Galderma fillers.

“At Galderma, we are committed to providing quality products with proven safety and efficacy,” said Toby Cooper, business unit head, aesthetic and corrective sales and marketing at Galderma. “Counterfeit products can put patients at significant risk, and to help combat this issue we have created an original hologram sticker for all packaging across our entire Restylane portfolio. We are confident the new hologram sticker will help provide additional reassurance to our customers that the Restylane products being distributed in the UK are original.”

The new hologram sticker is applied at the Galderma warehouse in the UK. 

The original hologram


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