‭miraDry+ upgrade launches in the UK

22 Aug 2017

Global medical device company Miramar Labs has ‭launched an upgraded version‭ of its miraDry device for treating underarm sweat and odour.

‭The new miraDry+ is an energy device that uses precisely controlled electromagnetic ‭energy to create a suction action, ‭delivering energy to the skin and ‭glands. 

The energy heats the glands and aims to permanently eliminate them, while a cooling fluid flows through the device to ‭protect the epidermis from excess ‭heating.  

‭According to Miramar Labs, the original device provides long-lasting and permanent results ‭after two treatments, whereas the miraDry+ does this in only one, due to a stronger level of energy. Miramar ‭Labs also claims that the miraDry+ treatment only takes 40 minutes and ‭can be used on all skin types.


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