Hamilton Fraser makes clear its position on insuring non-medics

07 Feb 2018

Cosmetic insurance provider Hamilton Fraser has released a statement regarding its position on insuring non-medics for injectable treatments.

The statement, which came in response to ‘a number of incorrect rumours and facts’ regarding who Hamilton Fraser supply insurance to, explains that they do not provide indemnity insurance products to beauty therapists delivering dermal filler or botulinum toxin treatments to the public.

Signed by CEO Eddie Hooker and aesthetic insurance and claims manager Naomi Di-Scala, the statement read, “Whilst it remains legal for non-medical practitioners to perform dermal filler injections in the UK, based on the current evidence of skill-set and training for beauty therapists, we continue to take the position that they should not be undertaking these procedures – whether previously insured elsewhere or not. With the aesthetic industry now starting to take a much closer look at standards and qualifications (via bodies such as the Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners and other registers) there is now an opportunity to improve patient safety for the better and Hamilton Fraser Cosmetic Insurance remains at the forefront of championing suitably qualified and competent practitioners.” 

The statement also made clear that the company does provide insurance cover for beauty therapists – subject to a minimum qualification of NVQ Level 3 in general beauty or equivalent – for the provision of treatments such as laser hair removal, general beauty treatments as well as public liability and salon insurance for the whole industry. 


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