Harley Academy launches first clinic created by training body

15 Oct 2018

Aesthetic training company Harley Academy has launched GILD Clinic based in Moorgate, central London, which is the first clinic to be created by a training body.

The clinic will offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments including injectables, mesotherapy, microneedling and chemical peels.

Patients will be given the option to choose between treatments with Harley Academy students or with skin and injectables experts. Tristan Mehta, CEO at Harley Academy explains, “The options will be available and will be seamless, it involves providing an extended treatment menu with different price points and more availability to our patients. GILD Clinic will also be a route to market for Harley Academy alumni providing employment to the best graduates.”

According to Emily MacGregor, clinical director at GILD Clinic, patients are becoming more interested in researching and learning about their treatments, and really value the educational component they receive from attending a clinic within a training academy. She says, “We care very much about making our patients feel safe and informed during their time with us, whether they are seeing one of our trainers for a private appointment or are attending a training clinic as a ‘model’. Regardless of the setting, we offer them an educational and holistic approach - it is our ethos.”


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