Heliocare launches new oral supplement

23 Aug 2017

Skincare range Heliocare is now providing a new oral supplement, Heliocare 360˚ Capsules with Fernblock, which is designed to reduce sun damage within the skin.

According to the company, recent clinical data suggests that the supplement can protect the skin from damaging free radicals, caused by daylight, from the very first dose. 

A study carried out by dermatologists in the USA and published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, highlighted that from taking the first capsule, the antioxidant ingredient significantly increased the skin’s own ability to protect itself from free radical damage. Additionally, the study suggests that the capsule made the skin behave as though it has a naturally darker skin type, creating a greater capacity to protect itself.

The company states that each Heliocare 360˚ capsule contains Fernblock+, an extract from the fern Polypodium leucotomos, as well as N-acetylcysteine, vitamins B3, C and E, and prebiotics, which all aim to defend skin against damage.

The supplements are available now and more information can be found on the company’s website.


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