IAAFA, Windsor

25 Nov 2021

Conference and awards ceremony highlights

Aesthetic practitioner Professor Bob Khanna hosted the International Academy of Advanced Facial Aesthetics’ (IAAFA) annual conference and awards ceremony at the De Vere Beaumont Estate in Windsor on November 20.

There were 182 delegates and 15 exhibitors at the event, which aims to bring practitioners together to integrate aesthetic knowledge to enhance and regulate patient care. The conference featured talks from Professor Khanna on temporomandibular disorders and bruxism and how to avoid common mistakes in the chin and jawline. He highlighted the importance of tailoring your treatments to individual patients and not feminising men or ‘alienising’ women.

Directors of national practitioner register Save Face, Ashton Collins and Brett Collins, presented on how to differentiate yourself from lay non-medic injectors and provided an overview on the newly-launched Qualification Council For Cosmetic Procedures qualifications that are regulated by The Royal Society For Public Health.

In her talk on how to avoid patient complaints, cosmetic account executive of Hamilton Fraser Insurance, Shelly Hemmings, highlighted that the treatment journey doesn’t end when you finish the treatment and the importance of remaining available to your patient afterwards.

Another highlight was a presentation by aesthetic practitioner Dr Patrick Treacy, who discussed the patient motivations for aesthetic procedures. He said the face is one of the most important stimuli and is a primary method of communication, while discussing the social importance of beauty. For those from a dental background, facial aesthetic dental surgeon Dr Manrina Rhode provided tips for transitioning from dentistry to facial aesthetics. 

Following the conference was the annual charity ball and awards ceremony. With 250 attendees, the event supported the Ruth Strauss Foundation, which helps families facing the death of a parent in the UK. Aesthetic practitioners Dr Anjuli Patel, Dr Sarah Cuffin, Dr Sarah Khalil, Dr Ranjeet Rai and Dr Donna Mills were congratulated for winning awards.

President and founder of IAAFA, Professor Khanna, said, “Having created IAAFA in 2005, it gave me such pleasure to witness the enthusiasm and joy amongst the attendees. Being able to raise £29,199 for the RSF on behalf of my dear friend Sir Andrew Strauss was a real bonus for me and my amazing team. None of this would be possible without the hard work that my wife Sonia puts in with our team. I am truly grateful for everyone who attended and I look forward to seeing you all at IAAFA 2022 on November 19.”


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