IAAGSW Conference 2017

21 Nov 2017

Aesthetic practitioners, gynaecologists and surgeons gathered in London for the first ever International Association of Aesthetic Gynaecology and Sexual Wellbeing (IAAGSW) Conference at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on October 27-29.

There were around 250 delegates who attended the event, along with 35 exhibitors and more than 30 international speakers from Spain, Chilli, France, US, Middle East, Columbia and more.

In his morning address, chair of the conference and founder of the IAAGSW, Dr Sherif Wakil, greeted guests, detailing the four agendas taking place over the two days: female sexual rejuvenation, female and male sexual rejuvenation, regenerative and bioidentical hormones.

In the female sexual rejuvenation agenda on the first day, delegates heard the latest treatment and technique updates and learnt what technology is available. Among the topics discussed in the agenda were talks on female anatomy by Mr Paul Banwell; injectable hyaluronic acid for genital rejuvenation by Dr Nicolas Berreni and the use of devices for improving the aesthetic appearance and function of the vagina by Dr Gustavo Leibaschoff. 

Later in the day was information on urinary incontinence by Dr Ahmed Ismail; and cosmetic gynaecology combined with gynaecologic surgeries by Dr Jack Pardo.

The second day kicked off with the female and male sexual rejuvenation agenda. This agenda discussed the role of PRP in male sexual enhancement with Dr Wakil; using mesenchymal stem cells in penoplasty with Dr Roberto Viel; and the use of botulinum toxin in treating erectile dysfunction by Dr Hussein Ghanem. 

Within the regenerative agenda was presentations on current and future regenerative medicine in the treatment of pelvic floor disorders with Dr Ernesto Delgado, and nano grafting application in male and female genital rejuvenation by Dr Leibaschoff. This was followed by the bioidentical hormone agenda, covering the use of hormones in sexual rejuvenation by Dr Fouad Ghaly and understanding comprehensive nutrition in sexual energy by Dr Beata Cybulska.

Following the conference on October 29, 80 delegates stayed for a third day of learning at a hands-on masterclass in bioidentical hormones by Dr Fouad Ghaly and Dr Theodore Achacoso.

“The congress was excellent and went extremely well; my aim was to bring together gynaecologists, urologists, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aesthetic doctors and GPs to teach and share new information,” said Dr Wakil.

He added, “Everybody, from the delegates to the speakers, were over the moon with the professionalism of the event organisation and I was really overwhelmed with the fantastic delegate feedback; they were thrilled to see all the latest developments in this expanding area and people were telling me that they had never before seen some of these treatments at another congress.”

After the event, Dr Lisa Jachari, a delegate from Norway, commented, “It was interesting to learn about all these new procedures that I hadn’t heard about before; hormonal therapy especially is a new field for me and I was interested to learn about it. I feel like I got good background knowledge and I would definitely come to these kinds of conferences because you suddenly learn about new treatments that you didn’t know you were missing in your practice.”

Praise also came from the conference exhibitors; Hamilton Fraser Insurance claims manager Naomi Di-Scala, said, “The IAAGSW Conference has been really informative for us. We found the exhibition and conference to be great to meet new delegates, suppliers and exhibitors in the stands. We have also found the organisation and the actual conference itself to be really informative, and have learnt so much more that we didn’t know about this area of aesthetics.”

According to Dr Wakil, preparation has already begun for next year’s congress, which he is planning to hold in London in October 2018.


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