iCLINICIAN app launches 

26 Jan 2018

Patient management software solution iCLINICIAN is now available on Apple's App Store.

iCLINICIAN, which is produced and distributed by NDMW Limited, aims to allow aesthetic practitioners to go paperless and manage all aspects of their business from one app.  

The app can be used to create treatment plans, take before and after photos, manage appointments, manage stock levels, invoicing, produce prescriptions, write notes, record expenses, send SMS texts and emails, fill in timesheets, and more. 

The Solo version of the app runs locally on the user’s device and is aimed at single-person businesses with no requirement to share data with multiple users. iCLINICIAN Premium is cloud-based and enables larger business to work from a central patient management system from multiple devices including iPad, PC/Mac and supported web browsers. 

iCLINICIAN can also be securely linked to a number of 3rd party services such as MailChimp and Twilio for sending email and text messages and can be backed up to iCloud Drive, Dropbox and other file storage services. All data stored in iCLINICIAN is encrypted using AES-256 and any data transfer protected via SSL. 

Neil Manchester, developer and company director at NDMW Limited said, "The idea for iCLINICIAN came six years ago from seeing my wife, an aesthetic nurse, battle with piles of paper consent forms. She had filing cabinets full of them and keeping them organised was a huge drain on her time. I looked at a number of solutions on the market and felt that none of them covered everything she needed, so I decided to design my own. Jump forward to the present day and iCLINICIAN is a complete patient management system designed specifically for the aesthetics industry with its launch on the App Store, the latest and most exciting stage in its development." 


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