iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF30 launches

12 Jun 2018

Cosmeceutical skincare brand iS Clinical has introduced a new suncare product, the Extreme Protect SPF30.

According to the company, the product helps protect against skin damage and repair solar damage by reducing redness and inflammation associated with sunburn. It also provides broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, repairs collagen and cell DNA, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, provides an antioxidant barrier and hydrates and softens the skin, the company claims. This is, in part, due to Extremozyme technology – exclusive to the company – that helps to protect and repair the skin through the use of specialised enzymes and micro-organisms.

The Extreme Protect SPF30 was used in a clinical in vitro study, where samples were exposed to sunlight. One group were exposed to sunlight before applying the product and the second group after applying it. There was also a group who didn’t have any of the product on, in a completely darkened room.

Thymine dimer formation was measured in the skin samples. The study concluded that skin protected with Extreme Protect SPF30 experienced less DNA damage in direct sunlight than untreated skin that would be in complete darkness, reiterating the importance of protecting the skin against oxidative and UVA/UVB stress every day.

iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF30 is distributed in the UK by Harpar Grace International.   


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