iS Clinical launches Skin Condition kits

10 Dec 2018

Skincare company iS Clinical has launched five new regime kits that aim to offer patients an affordable, comprehensive 12-week regime kit with usage guidance that is easily understood and followed by patients to treat skin conditions.

Each iS Skin Condition kit solution has a cleanser, treatment serum, specific hydration and protection formula allowing a pre-defined, tailored regime for the patient, according to the company.

Alana Chalmers, founder of Harpar Grace International, the exclusive UK distributor of iS Clinical, said, “We see a great deal of requests for effective solutions to treat hyperpigmentation for example, where practitioners have yet to find a regime that is safe, minimal side effects and is effective. Our pregnancy safe, pharma-grade hydroquinone-free regime kits for treating this condition offer a very approachable regime designed to see visible differences in a 12-week period. There are also booster lines/treatments from the range, which can supplement the kit to provide a 24-hour intensive treatment system for those cases where significant symptoms exist.”

Chalmers added, “Rosacea is also another area we see growth in demand for amongst our clinics. Featuring our most anti-inflammatory line with what is arguably one of the strongest antioxidant strength formulations on the market we can offer a esults driven regime for rosacea sufferers, which has multiple other benefits to their skin health.”


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