John Bannon Pharmacy launches obesity training

11 Dec 2018

Medical aesthetic supplier John Bannon Pharmacy has introduced a new course aiming to provide an introduction to the development of obesity and the consequences and health risks resulting from this condition.

The course is called Obesity Management For Aesthetic Practitioners and is run through a partnership between The College Of Contemporary Health in conjunction with John Bannon Pharmacy.

According to course designer and pharmacist Iain Ashby, the course will also help to develop preventative strategies and solutions for aesthetic practitioners looking to work in weight management with products such as Saxenda.

Ashby said, “As the first course offering from the new John Bannon Pharmacy Training Academy, I felt obesity management would make an ideal subject due to both its health implications, lack of NHS services, and the ability of aesthetic practitioners to market a private weight management service from their practice.”

The course provides 10 hours of accredited CPD and is delivered through podcasts, video, and e-learning units so that it can be seamlessly fitted into a busy life and work schedule, according to John Bannon Pharmacy. 


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  • Mrs Pauline Mcilrath 12 Dec 2018 / 6:30 PM

    When is the training on obesity management