Juvaplus launches Juvapen in the UK

21 Jul 2016

Swiss device manufacturer Juvaplus has launched the Juvapen for botulinum toxin injections in the UK.

The device aims to administer botulinum toxin with less pain, side effects and downtime for the patient and to increase their trust in the procedure. 

According to Juvaplus, the device is accurate with less than 2% variation between doses, has a constant flow mode and six pre-set doses from 0.0125ml to 0.080ml, and is also cordless and light. 

A clinical study that evaluated the precision, pain and patient satisfaction of injection indicated that out of the 25 patients injected with the Juvapen, the device had a 97% degree of symmetry and a 98% patient satisfaction rate. 

The authors concluded that, “In the patient group in which we perform the injection with the Juvapen, the perceived pain during the procedure was significantly inferior in comparison with the standard one.” 

This was shown with a mean level of pain registered immediately after the procedure as 3 compared to 8, with 10 being the highest level of pain. 

The company also stated that the device is compatible with all FDA and CE-approved botulinum toxins. 


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