Lsf Farma Ltd launches Bliss dermal fillers in UK

04 Jun 2018

Wholesale provider of dermal fillers, Lsf Farma Ltd has introduced Bliss dermal fillers to the UK market.

The product had previously launched in Europe, India and Turkey in November 2017 and was released in the UK on May 18.

According to Lsf Farma, the three products in the filler range alter the dermal skin tissues to lift and contour, giving immediate, durable results.

The variations of the Bliss dermal filler, which are all manufactured in Israel, include; Bliss Soft with a 18mg/ml concentration, Bliss Derm with a 23mg/ml concentration and Bliss Ultra with a concentration of 26mg/ml.

The company states that Bliss Soft is designed to fill lines and wrinkles and lasts up to nine months; Bliss Derm aims to treat deep and severe facial wrinkles and folds, lasting up to 12 months; and Bliss Ultra is best suited towards treating superficial lines, fine to moderate wrinkles and minor skin damage and lasts up to 12 months.

According to Bliss, in a recent study where 47 patients evaluated their results, patients reported high satisfaction for improved skin health, wrinkle filling, skin glow and skin elasticity.

Nicholas Fanelli, director of Lsf Farma Ltd, said, “Bliss implements hyper cross-linking technology which is the most recent innovation in today’s dermal filler market. Bliss dermal fillers have been created by research and development professionals to International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard using up to date technology to resolve the symptoms of ageing skin and at the same time complying with all regulations and product safety, as well as reaching an optimal patient satisfaction.”  


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