Lynton adds stem sell serum to skincare range

20 Aug 2018

Aesthetic technology manufacturer and skincare developer Lynton has introduced the Lynton Ultra Light Serum to its existing specialist skincare range.

According to Lynton, the product is formulated to increase proliferation of the dermal fibroblasts, resulting in the stimulation of dermal regeneration, boosted skin cell renewal, and repaired photoageing.

The serum has been created using a patented combination of three plant stem cells which includes capsicum annuum fruit meristematic stem cells that aims to stimulate cell metabolism; soy stem cells to increase the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts and improve the synthesis of type one procollagen; and stem cells from un-ripened grape which can obtain cultures with a high growth potential, the company claims. 

Lynton suggests that this formulation therefore gives the Lynton Ultra Light Serum the ability to improve skin tone by increasing its elasticity.


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