Med-fx to distribute in Ireland

19 Jun 2018

From this month Med-fx will distribute up to 200 products, including fillers and toxins, to customers within Ireland.

This announcement is a result of a new partnership with Ireland-based dental supplier BF Mulholland Ltd, something which Med-fx states will now enable them to ‘provide a premium service to the Irish market’. 

David Tweedale, head of Med-fx, explained, “The stock will be kept locally, meaning that we will be able to offer a range of benefits such as next day delivery on all qualifying orders and the ability for customers to shop for essential consumable products all in one location at the time of order.”

He added, “This is another step to show that being able to deliver a premium service to our customers is important to us and over the coming months we will continue to add new resources and additions to our offering to make sure that the standard we aspire to deliver is achieved.”


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