Meeting highlights positive effects of pressure wound device

10 Sep 2016

More than 160 European professionals in plastic and oncoplastic surgery met in Paris to discuss new data on a single-use negative pressure wound therapy device (PICO), in the prevention of incisional complications following breast surgery.

The Plastic Surgery Expert Meeting, hosted by global medical technology business Smith & Nephew, saw surgeons share the latest evidenced-based best practice around the use of PICO.

Research presented at the meeting included a multicentre-study involving 200 bilateral breast reduction patients, which indicated ‘significantly fewer’ wound healing complications for PICO compared to standard care (p=0.004), and a 38% relative reduction in surgical dehiscence by day 21 from 52 patients (26.4%) to 32 patients (16.2%) (p<0.001). The study also evaluated the scar quality at 42 and 90 days post surgery. PICO indicated ‘significantly better’ scar quality at each time point (p<0.001).

Professor Laurent Lantieri, chief of the department of plastics and reconstructive surgery at European Hospital Georges Pompidou, who also chaired the meeting, said, “It is very important to bring some of the most experienced and innovative surgeons together at meetings such as this. It is these small and interactive meetings that are important for the future of education. If I give you one idea and you give me one idea we both have two ideas, and by exchanging these ideas we can improve our knowledge and even inform future practice.” 


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