Melanoma drug approved for use on NHS

20 Sep 2018

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has approved a drug combination of dabrafenib with trametinib for treating patients who have previously been affected by skin cancer, melanoma.

The approval comes after a clinical trial involving more than 800 patients, which held by NICE, found a lower risk of the cancer returning. Three years after surgery, 58% of this group survived with no relapse compared to 39% of the placebo group.

Some of the main side effects reported in the clinical trial were pyrexia, fatigue and nausea.

From this, the drug is set to be offered on the NHS in England and Wales for those with stage III, BRAF V600 mutated melanoma.

Gill Nuttall, chief executive of the charity Melanoma UK said, “The availability of this treatment is a huge step forward for the hundreds of BRAF-positive patients who are currently left with very few options following surgery.”


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