Merz Pharma to expand production plant

05 Apr 2017

Global pharmaceutical company Merz Pharma is constructing a new production plant to produce dermal fillers at its site in Dessau, Germany.

Merz has been producing a special botulinum neurotoxin, which is used in both neurology and aesthetic medicine, at its Dessau site since 2008.

The new plant will allow Merz to hire 25 additional employees, who will consist of scientists, engineers, pharmaceutical technicians and chemical technicians.

Site manager Dr Michael Pfeil said, “Merz is strengthening our site with this investment. In addition to the botulinum neurotoxin that’s so important for Merz, our site will gain a second pillar with filler manufacturing.”

According to Merz, the building will cover approximately 1,200 square metres and is due for completion in the summer of 2018. 


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