mesoestetic introduces new blemiderm range

09 Nov 2023

Pharmaceutical company mesoestetic has unveiled its new range of at-home products and medical treatment to treat acne blemishes.

The company explains that the blemiderm range helps to address oily skin, plus impurities and blemishes on the skin. The formulas allow modulation of the routine to the degree of individual severity, and all products are non-comedogenic as well as being dermatologically tested, according to the company.

The blemiderm medical treatment has been developed to treat grade II-III acne by reducing the severity of the outbreak, regulating the cellular mechanisms which trigger it, and consists of three sessions once a fortnight.

Stephen Schofield, commercial manager at mesoestetic, said, “It’s very exciting for us to be adding this product to our portfolio. Acne is one of the most common skin diseases in adolescents and adult women. The trigger is usually hormonal, so certain life stages predispose people to suffer from it, such as puberty and menstruation. Applying quality cosmetics adapted to the needs of each skin condition is essential to prevent their appearance.”     


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