mesoestetic launches new home treatment ampoules

25 May 2018

Pharmaceutical and skincare manufacturer mesoestetic has introduced new products to its home ampoules line and reformulated some of its treatments.

mesoestetic launched its first ampoules more than 30 years ago and according to the company, the new optimised formulas provide better results for at-home use. 

The company has released five formulas, each contained within individual, sterile, sealed glass ampoules. The five ampoules include: proteoglycans, for both mature and dry skins; antiaging flash, designed to treat all skin types with antiageing action; glycolic + E + F, devised to accelerate epidermal renewal; topical melatonin, which aims to stimulate the production of endogenous antioxidant defences in the skin; and pollution defence, designed to provide daytime protection to all skin types. 

According to mesoestetic, the ampoules have been dermatologically tested and supported by in vitro and in vivo studies on cell cultures.


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