mesoestetic introduces tran3x

16 Oct 2018

Pharmaceutical and skincare manufacturer, mesoestetic has launched its tran3x programme, which aims to provide a multidimensional approach to skin pigmentation.

The new treatment programme is based on the active ingredient tranexamic acid, which, according to mesoestetic, complements the effectiveness of depigmenting active ingredients present in the trans3x formula by acting on keratinocytes, inhibiting the release of melanocyte stimulating factors. The company claims that by doing this, it offers greater efficacy by acting on the inflammatory and vascular component that characterizes resistant hyperpigmentation.

The trans3x programme consists of both professional solutions and products for home use. Within the professional solutions range is the mesopeel melanostop tran3x, a chemical peel with a formula that aims to accelerate epidermal renewal to eliminate the superficial accumulation of melanin; and the 210 depigmentation solution, a transcutaneous solution that aims to regulate the production of melanin presented in epidermal cells.

Included in the range of products for home use is the melan tran3x intensive depigmenting concentrate which is an intensive depigmentation serum aiming to act on the dark spots by eliminating the melanin formed; as well as the melan tran3x daily depigmenting gel cream which aims to attenuate the spots and preventing any new appearance.

The company claims that the programme can be used as a modular treatment to address various indications including, treating solar lentigines, freckles, post-laser and to complement the mesoestetic cosmelan / dermamelan depigmentation method. 


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