Microdermabrasion most popular non-surgical treatment search in Europe

29 Jun 2020

Microdermabrasion is the most popular non-surgical aesthetic search term in Europe according to research conducted by online financial comparison website Money.co.uk.

The company used Google’s Keyword Planner and AdWords platforms to look at search terms used around different cosmetic surgeries and gather the monthly average search volume from the last 12 months for each European country.

The research revealed that for non-surgical procedures, face and skin treatments were most popular. Microdermabrasion received 70,870 searches per month, while hyaluronic acid had 66,940 and lip fillers was the third most popular, with 62,200 monthly searches across Europe.

The top surgical cosmetic treatment search terms were also discovered. Rhinoplasty was most popular with 34,410 total monthly searches, followed by 'boob job' with 28,690 and 'penis enlargement' with 24,450 monthly searches.

To view the research, click here. 


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