MINERVA Research Labs announces 'positive results' for GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE clinical trial

30 Jun 2017

Aesthetic supplement manufacturer MINERVA Research Labs has announced 'positive results' for its latest clinical trial on GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE.

MINERVA's double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial, in collaboration with independent clinic MedicalSpa Roma (Italy), studied the photo-protective benefits and effects related to the daily consumption of the oral liquid nutricosmeceutical.  

The trial was conducted on 120 healthy volunteer subjects, who were divided into two groups: 60 subjects drank one bottle of GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE daily and the other 60 subjects consumed one bottle of the placebo. Outcome measures were related to skin elasticity and skin architecture. In addition, the subjects recruited in this study underwent observational assessments through self-assessment questionnaires.

“Through histological examinations, we demonstrated a significant increase in skin elasticity and an improvement in skin texture after daily oral consumption of GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE, while in the placebo group we recorded a reduction in the elasticity due to the deterioration of skin condition due to sun damage," said professor Andrea Corbo of MedicalSpa Roma, who led the study. He added, "We also obtained positive patient feedback through the self-assessment questionnaires and the compliance throughout the study was excellent. Taken together, these results indicate that GOLD COLLAGEN FORTE has photo-protective effects that helps to improve skin health."  

According to patient feedback and through the self-assessment questionnaires, 95% felt their skin was more hydrated, 91% felt their hair was stronger, 96% of subjects felt their nails were stronger, 93% would recommend it to a friend and 68% of subjects felt they had less wrinkles. 

The study has been peer-reviewed and published in Skin Pharmacology and Physiology and is also available also through PubMed. 


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