Minerva Research Labs launches GOLD COLLAGEN RX

01 Jul 2016

Aesthetic supplement manufacturer MINERVA Research Labs has launched the GOLD COLLAGEN RX.

The new professional supplement is an oral liquid collagen treatment aimed at boosting natural production of natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the dermis, to treat the visible signs of ageing.

GOLD COLLAGEN RX has been developed to be used as a standalone antiageing treatment or in conjunction with aesthetic procedures to enhance their effects. It is to be distributed through practitioners and selected clinics.

MINERVA claims that the new product is a more powerful formulation than the original GOLD COLLAGEN supplement, as it contains advancements such as hydrolysed elastin and astaxanthin.

“I've spoken to scores of aesthetic practitioners who are looking for a healthy skin partner product they feel confident they can recommend to their patients,” said Dr Martin Godfrey, head of research and development at MINERVA Research Labs. 

He continued, “To answer this clear need, Minerva has now developed an innovative product based on the combination of clinically-proven bioactive collagen peptides together with hydrolysed elastin and best in class antioxidants for therapist-only dispensing. We believe this represents a significant breakthrough for patients undergoing cosmetic procedures.”


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