Monalisa launches in UK

24 May 2017

UK distributor YouGlo has introduced a new hyaluronic acid dermal filler to the UK. 

According to the company, Monalisa is a pure, cross-linked HA soft tissue filler that aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles and noticeable volume loss.

Monalisa comes in three forms, Soft, Mild and Hard, which vary in particle size and are suitable for different areas. The HA is manufactured in the US and the final product is made in South Korea.

Director and co-founder of YouGlo, Dr Maryam Borumand, said, “MonaLisa is a great brand of filler to incorporate in the clinic as it is competitively priced yet leads to excellent results, which means patients are always satisfied and keep coming back. Also, the cross-linked nature of the product means it lasts as long as other hyaluronic acid fillers in the market. The other benefit is that there is no residual BDDE or impurities in the product, making it extremely safe to use.”


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