NeoStrata reformulates serum

12 Jul 2018

Skincare company NeoStrata has reformulated its Enlighten Illuminating Serum to increase the product’s effectiveness in treating pigmentation.

The serum now contains B-resorcinol that aims to reduce melanin production; niacinamide B3 to protect against the inflammatory effects of UV; liquorice extract for the reduction of free radicals; and vitamin C to brighten the skin. 

The product also aims to treat existing pigment spots and lighten existing melanin.

Marisa Dufort, director of product development and ingredient innovation for NeoStrata, said, “In addition to formulating new products, we also look at our existing formulations to see if we can improve them by adding new ingredients into the existing formulation. For the serum, we were able to add additional benefit ingredients that provide more intense brightening effects.” 

NeoStrata is distributed in the UK exclusively through AestheticSource.


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