New clinic dedicated to facial aesthetics opens

09 Jul 2021

Aesthetic clinic Ouronyx has opened in London, dedicated to the art of facial aesthetics.

The clinic, located on London’s St James’s Street in Mayfair, focuses on the face in its entirety, with treatments determined by technology, psychological, aesthetic and anatomical markers, including 3D and 2D scans, to ensure the most natural results, explains Ida Banek, co-founder of Ouronyx.

Banek adds that the clinic incorporates psychology and sociology into the consultation process, placing importance on the patients emotional, behavioural, and social goals, as well as their physical ones when determining treatments.

The clinic works with many practitioners offering a unique approach to guide patients collaboratively to achieve the desired result, explains Banek. Practitioners include Dr Raj Acquilla, Dr Nestor Demosthenous, Dr Liesel Holler, Dr Sabika Karim, Dr Marco Nicoloso, Dr Iman Nurlin, Dr Karim Sayed, Dr Rashpal Singh and Dr Richard Vikor.  

She commented, “Our unique approach to aesthetics prioritises our patients as an individual and their motivations, along with the highest quality medical skills and cutting-edge technology with attention to detail. We deliver the best, natural results which celebrate and enhance individual beauty.” 


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