New FDA clearance for Soprano

29 Sep 2011

Alma lasers, distributed in the UK and Ireland by ABC Lasers, has received a new FDA clearance indication for the Soprano Xli Blue laser for treatment of all skin types including black skin types and sun tanned skin.

This breakthrough modification in the Soprano Xli SHR (IN-MOTION) Pain Free Hair Removal technology, will now, uniquely and exclusively open the door for Soprano offering clinics, to offer Laser Hair Removal all year round even to those clients who are sun tanned (although fake tans are still prohibited).

This recent FDA approval is a result of very extensive clinical research and publication of several peer reviewed studies which provide an overwhelming evidence as to the long term efficacy (6 month and 18 month post 6 a sessions course), presenting an impressive safety record of 0% adverse skin respond of any kind.


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