New intimate health device launches in UK

07 Nov 2017

Aesthetic device company Invasix has launched a new platform aimed at improving feminine health concerns.

The Votiva comprises two handpieces, FormaV and FractoraV, which provide internal and external treatment.

The FormaV is said by Invasix to be a non-invasive deep muscle tightening device that uses uniform radiofrequency. It is applied to the vaginal canal and aims to address pelvic floor tightening and areas of labial hypertrophy and vaginal laxity. The company claims patients can see results immediately, with continued improvement over the following weeks.

The FractoraV uses customised fractional radiofrequency energy that aims to improve superficial skin tone problems and tightening of the skin. Invasix states that the full depth heating can improve elastin and collagen remodelling.

Neil Wolfenden, managing director at Invasix said, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Votiva to our portfolio of industry leading technology. The Votiva platform allows practitioners to treat both internally and externally with just one device. User feedback has been extremely positive and we are looking forward to introducing the treatment to clinics across the UK.” 


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